Saturday, October 25, 2008

I was once famous.

Back in 1992 ... ( I can't believe I'm dating myself that old ) My best friend's family member was an executive with Sony Music. They needed a bunch of teenagers for a Harry Connick Jr. Video. So, we gathered up and shleped to NYC. We had pro hair and make up done, wardrobe, all of it. We even got seranaded by Harry Connick Jr. himself (he was awesome.) and we got to meet his Victoria Secret Model Wife Jill Goodacre.

Anyways, click on the link if you want to see the video. Its quick, but you can see me right after he sings "It may be hard to believe but we were in the Top 10."

AHHH .. the Glory Days.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Baby Godzilla

Okay. Who would have thought that I would give birth to a large baby. :) Baby Grace is weighing over 6 pounds at 33weeks in utero. WOW.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Bling from MT

WOW WOW WUBZY!!! I got blog bling from MT at The BonBon Gazette. Even though I have only have limited posts, my bestest friend still thinks I'm awesome :) So I am going to pay it forward.

I am going to award this blog bling to the following kick ass bloggers: Diary of Modern Matriarch, Read Em & Weep , Jersey Beach Momma , The Saga That Is My Life , Musings of a Housewife .

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And it started with a little spark....

Last night I was laying in bed and reading Laurel K. Hamilton's book "Bloody Bones". I was half asleep and I heard the smoke alarm go off. My son was dead to the world in the bed next to me. I think that little boy can sleep through anything. I walked out of the room into my living room and immediately saw that smoke filled it from floor to ceiling. I had know idea where it was coming from. The first place I checked was the kitchen, but the stove was shut off and there was absolutely no smoke in there. I checked the rest of the house and there was no smoke anywhere. It seemed that the smoke was confined to the living room. I looked around some more and saw a large puddle of water seeping from under the couch. I thought to myself " What the hell is this?". I moved the couch out of the way and I saw that there was smoke and small flames coming from the power strip that holds all plugs that power our salt water tank.

Picture this with smoke and flames. I panicked. All I kept thinking about was that I am almost 32 weeks pregnant, I have a 4 year old in bed, and four cats. My husband was on the road somewhere coming home from work and I had know idea what to do. I picked up the phone and called my husband. I was stammering so much that I couldn't get out what was going on. When I finally got things out, my wonderful and calm husband told me to pull the main plug for the power strip out of the wall.

With all this going on, the smoke alarm is still going off and my son is sleeping and snoring.

I couldnt believe it. Anyway, within a minute or so of unplugging the strip from the wall, the flames disappeared and the smoke alarm ceased to sound. Unfortunately, the smoke was so thick in the room you could almost cut it with a knife. Luckily, as I said before, the smoke was confined just to the living room. I ran around opening windows and BOY was it cold in my house. I continued to stammer on the phone and it took another 2-3 hours for me to finally relax. I called work and requested an emergency day off and it was approved. I sat on the porch outside, breathed fresh air and waited for my husband to get home to assess the damage. He got home at around 1215 am. Before hubby got home, I found that the fire was started when a leak sprung from a hose that came from the sub-pump attached to the fish tank. That water spewed onto the floor and into the power strip. I disconnected the hose and placed the open end into the tank. After he got home, we sopped up the water. The only real damage that we found was to our wallets. The lighted flourecent tank hood's plug was damaged beyond recognition and the filter plug was done too. The power strip, as you can imagine was not able to be salvaged.

Thank God.. It wasn't worse. The only that was almost not tolerable was the stink for the melted plastic. It's still lingering it's ugly head in my living room and candles are not helping it go away.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me and my Tattoos.

So, this is me, the real, unadulterated, uncensored, non-camouflaged,multicolored. I am beautiful, non-conformist,fighter and a lover. ME. This is how I will look every day for the rest of my life. No Matter What! Never mind regrets. Never mind what other people think. My Tattoos are a map of my life experience. Each one is an expression of me, who I am and who I will become. My tattoos make me more beautiful, provocative, intimidating, multifaceted, magnificant, colorful. Tattoos have changed my life, my outlook. They have broadened my mind and have made me more accepting of others. I have become self expressive, words are an option.

Tattoos are forever. They are a commitment, not to be taken lightly. Tattoos are painful and time consuming. Tattoos are part of me.

I am : a creator..agrower..a nurturer..a caregiver..a mother..a wife..a daughter..a cousin..a friend.

I am the tattoo lady up the street.

A child of God.....

A resourceful survivor, a positive thinker.

I'm nothing like how I seem.

Not the person you assume I am.

It's just me.





I'm exactly like you.